How to Fix Error Code 0x8007000d in Windows 10

When you try to update Windows 10 or install any of the Windows 10 update and you get g Error Code 0x8007000d then this article will explain the possible solutions to get rid of this error.

Run- System File Checker

Just open – Command Prompt, head to Windows search option and there type – cmd  and press the key – Enter

Once you find cmd just right-click on it and then choose to Run as Administrator.

Now just run the commands stated below one by one. You need to also press – enter after each command.




“Get-AppXPackage-AllUsers|Where-Object{$_.InstallLocation-like“*SystemApps*”} |Foreach{Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register ““$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}””

Once you run all the commands above, restart the computer.

Try – Group Policy Editor

Open -Run Command Prompt, press – Win+R

In run dialogue box, type – services.msc and just press – Enter.

Select- Computer Configuration and next you need to choose –Administrative Templates.

Now, choose- System and then double-click- Specify Settings for-optional component installation & component repair.

Choose – Enabled & Contact Windows Update.

Click – OK

Restart computer

After applying these steps, now check for Windows updates.

Run -DISM tool

Open – Command Prompt along with admin privilege.

Right-click on logo of Window located at the  bottom left corner and then select – Command Prompt (Admin).

In command box, run the commands mentioned below one by one and hit enter after every command.

“DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth”

Enter these commands without quotes

Now, reboot the system and now check if you are able to install the updates.

Utilize -Compatibility Troubleshooter

If the error exists while trying to install a particular driver, then it can be solved with the help of Compatibility Troubleshooter with specific driver. The steps given below are easy and can resolve the error

Open – File Explorer by pressing Windows + simultaneously. Go to folder containing the driver setup file that you were unable to install is located.

Right-click on setup file, and then click – Troubleshoot Compatibility.

In Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, select- Troubleshoot Program.

On your next screen, select all the issues you are facing with your driver and hit – Next.

Select the older version of Windows where driver can work

Click – Next and select –Test the program

Run setup in a normal way and in case everything works fine then select –Yes, save these settings for this program in the end.

Utilize – Group Policy Editor

Open – run dialogue box, press – Win+R

In run box, type in – gpedit.msc and hit- Enter

Choose- Select Computer Configuration, then select – Administrative Templates

Select – System

Next, double-click -Specify settings to get the option – optional component installation & component repair

Select – Enabled and then- Contact Windows Update

Click – OK

Now, restart update.

So, you can get rid of this error using any of the above methods.

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