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Where Are My Documents in Windows 10 [Solved]

Looking for where are my documents in Windows 10, Learn how to find and open my documents in windows 10 using this tutorial with pictures.

Where are my documents in windows 10?

Windows 10 is the recently updated windows version which is totally a best and most smooth version of the windows till yet, but being the advance it helps people to learn the way of managing the space and also guides them with tips at point to point. Now in windows 10 all the applications and folder are not set as default on desktop as you have to create it or access it by using another options , this is the reason that windows 10 Is more efficient as space management and accessibility is specific and properly arranged for the users. Here we will be discussing about My Documents in windows 10 as how to locate my documents, where to find them and use them.

Option 1: Find it in the search bar.

my documents

Here you can easily type the name of the document you want to search or you can also type my documents or click over the document option which will be redirected to the saved documents or the recently opened documents as Microsoft word is now saving the document on its own, if user forget about it. You can easily access the document from here and maintain your record.

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Option 2: Open File explorer and see the below image.


Here you can easily go to the documents folder in the “This PC” , and you can also explore this folder by clicking over the arrow, it will simply show you the list of documents in it which can be easily accessed from there also.

Option 3: Create shortcut on Desktop.

Desktop shortcut

By moving in to the file explorer and in this PC you can easily access the documents , though you can also right click on it and make its shortcut on the desktop . This will be the best way to access it , as if you are a frequent user and needs to be starred by your documents folder all the time as they will let you remember that they need to opened and accessed. Above stated are all the possible options that will help you to locate your documents and access it.